Show the world what you offer in the field of architecture. Take an active role in educating the next generation of architects of our age and reward yourself by having your products become part of their projects.

The manufacturer is the best teacher of his technical solutions.


Every innovation only becomes valuable when it is actually used. By getting involved in educating the younger generation, you will also enrich yourself and help spreading good solutions.

Select the products we will promote internationally.


Use the space on our platform to explain your innovations, technologies and processes. Make it easy for the younger generation to access information that they can then use in their own practice.

Nobody understands your products better than you. No one else will young architects be more willing to listen to.


Involve architects who already have real-world experience with your innovations and technologies. Their reviews will give your words the most credibility.

A satisfied architect is your best business card of a job well done.


Not every product and every technology is suitable for all types of architecture. Part of our teaching involves classifying each innovation according to its architectural typology.

Choose the type of building you are dealing with and the system will offer the appropriate technologies and products.


For all products and innovations, it is important to have documentation available to make it easier for architects to incorporate innovations into their building projects. Of course, this includes the product offer in the BIM interface.

BIM is not an obstacle for us, but a challenge. If you're not ready yet, we'd like to transfer your innovations into BIM.


Any product, technology or innovation works best when it is used appropriately for its intended purpose. Every product presented to us must have information on where its limits are – where, and under what conditions, it is no longer appropriate to use it.

It is one thing to discover something new, it's another thing to use it properly.


We will present each new innovation to our community and ask questions on your behalf. Information gained will then serve not only to better understand your innovation, but also as feedback for you, the manufacturers.

We do not intend to be a passive listing for manufacturers, but an active community that is not afraid to ask questions.

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