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Open the door to new dimensions in building design and discover what the cutting-edge digital glass printing technology available right here in the Czech Republic can do for you. HELUZ IZOS, traditionally known as a manufacturer of insulating glass, has expanded its scope in 2023 and reached into the world of glass aesthetics and design. Our innovative processes have taken digital printing on glass to a whole new level of quality. We can now offer glass printed in ultra-high resolution 4K and 1440 DPI up to 2400 × 4100 mm and in thicknesses of 4-19 mm. We use organic ceramic inks, suitable for both exterior (Basic) and interior (Ultra) applications. These paints are clouded directly into the glass at a temperature of 620 °C, giving them high UV resistance, colour fastness, resistance to scratches and temperature changes as well as weathering. 

The key to achieving perfect printing is the quality of the print data. That's why we place emphasis on their preparation and it's an absolute priority for us. The larger the area and the higher the requirements for decor sharpness, the more demanding the data preparation and resolution. For our customers, we have prepared the IZOS library, which offers a wide selection of decors from different series - from stones and wooden motifs to children's illustrations and photographs. This library is dynamic, constantly expanding and reflecting the latest design trends. When a customer selects a motif from our library, the input data is already prepared and optimized for our technology. 

For those who prefer personalization and want to transfer their own design, photography or graphics to the glass, there is IZOS Studio. Our services include editing data to the desired level, possibly using artificial intelligence. For optimum print results, we recommend delivering data in vector form, or bitmap files of 300 DPI quality and above, ideally in TIFF format. However, we are happy to advise on other formats. We print in RAL and Pantone shades, and for large projects we offer cooperation on individual graphic design, which we create according to the investor's or architect's specifications. Digitally printed glass can be used in interiors and exteriors, including facades. At ForArch, we presented an innovation in the form of backlit digital printing, optimised by artificial intelligence for unlimited horizontal and vertical connections - one of the many advantages of digital printing from IZOS. 

The uniqueness of our technology also lies in its reproducibility. In the event of damage to the glass, we can accurately replicate the decor at any time, eliminating the risk of different tonalities and ensuring consistency with the original sample. Our glass panes are thinner and lighter than natural stone, making them easier to handle, while glass as a material remains homogeneous and easy to maintain. 
The use of digitally printed glass is truly wide ranging - from interior glass partitions, furniture parts, reception desks, shower screens, to exterior applications such as facade glass, public transport stations, noise barriers, conservatories, navigation systems, balconies, shop windows and artwork. Our most interesting projects include the Emil Kolben Memorial in Prague or the award-winning cable car in Jasná, where the lighting changes the colour of the print at night and which was awarded the title of Slovak Building of the Year 2022.

Year of market release: 2023

Green technology: NO

Innovation: YES


Commercial Cultural Educational Government + Health Hospitality + Sport Industrial Interior
Landscape + Planning Residential Transport + Infrastructure


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Jasná Tatry mountain resort by IZOS

White glass during the day, coloured crystal in the dark thanks to digital printing of IZOS glasses. The double face of the cable car façade was realised according to the architect's design.

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