New Bathtub Freedom W Black


Where the white is expected, only the black impresses. Bath tub Freedom W is very popular with customers, which is why RAVAK presents it in a new variant with the black exterior to give more depth to the bathroom, that is also easy to combine with the rest of the fittings. Design of the Freedom W bathtub combines the advantages of a freestanding bathtub with classic bathtubs to the maximum. Its subtle beauty and shapes curved into rounded curves invite you to lie back, while the wider rim against the wall allows you to set aside everything that is not needed to relax contentedly.

The idea builds on the success of the purely solitary Freedom O bathtub, which has become a new icon among RAVAK freestanding bathtubs. The new Freedom W develops its principle but is a few centimeters smaller (166 x 80 cm), thus cozier. It offers a pleasant anchorage against the wall, including much-needed stacking space. Now you can experience luxurious relaxation even in a bathroom that doesn't allow for a bathtub to stand free in the space. 

The Freedom W bath looks great as it is. There is no need for tiles or other modifications. It is made of high-quality acrylic, which gives it lightness, not only aesthetics but also of material. Cast acrylic used by RAVAK is durable enough to withstand the highest demands, but also lightweight enough to make it easy to handle when setting up the bathtub.

RAVAK offers a lifetime warranty on the Freedom W black-lined bathtub, as well as on all ranges of bathtubs.

Bathtub Freedom W black: dimensions 166 x 80 cm, acrylic

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