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How do you feel about the idea of never having to go to the store for heavy and impractical plastic water bottles again? Instead, you'll have a source of refreshing, filtered water in the form of a stylish kitchen faucet that will always provide you with water cooled to the right temperature, sparkling, slightly sparkling or still. Introducing GROHE Blue Home.

Still, slightly sparkling or sparkling: the choice is yours
What kind of water do you like? It depends entirely on your taste. The GROHE Blue Home system features simple and intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the water saturation at the touch of a button. Welcome an endless source of drinking water tailored precisely for all members of the family.
The new GROHE Blue Home line also features a pull-out bubbler for maximum functionality and flexibility. Choose from three faucet models in a contemporary design with a hygienic pull-out bubble-maker and two separate inlets for easy access to filtered and unfiltered water. 

A remarkable addition to any kitchen
The GROHE Blue Home faucet will become the focal point of any kitchen. The intuitive touch buttons are the basic control element in its elegant design. The mixer is available with a chrome finish or matt SuperSteel and offers three different types of the spout. In addition to the Duo version with two separate outlets for filtered and unfiltered water, there is also a Mono version that can be installed alongside the existing kitchen mixer.
The GROHE Blue Home set includes a special mixer tap, a flow-through cooler with an integrated filter, and a CO2 carbonation bottle. Thanks to its compact design, the system can be easily installed in almost any kitchen in just a few simple steps. The cooler requires a kitchen counter with a minimum width of 30 cm. Both the integrated filter, which removes unwanted substances from the water, and the CO2 carbonation bottle, which gives the water saturation, can be easily replaced.

GROHE Blue Home system guarantees great taste, money savings, and a reduced carbon footprint
Research shows that people who drink tap water drink up to 35% more of it than people who buy bottled water. The GROHE Blue Home system is therefore an effective investment in a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the GROHE Blue Home system will bring financial savings by reducing the cost of drinking water by up to 60% compared to buying bottled water from leading brands. Not forgetting the ecological footprint, which will be reduced by up to 80% compared to bottled water. 

The kitchen revolution has begun. Welcome GROHE Blue Home system.

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