Home Battery System HES

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The HES storage station is a smart, grid-independent energy solution for your home. An integrated control system with adaptive logic can regulate and optimize the energy flow, maximizing the level of energy self-sufficiency of your home while storing the energy produced by the solar panels.

The electricity from the solar generation plant delivers electricity directly to where it is needed. It can charge batteries while meeting the building's consumption.  Excess electricity generated can be returned directly to the grid (if you have a contract with a distributor).  

In turn, the lack of electricity in the storage station can be compensated from the public grid to avoid reducing the lifetime of the batteries. 

 It is a 3-phase, asymmetrical solution with a power output of 10kW and a capacity of up to 41kWh. Li-Ion storage cells from Škoda Enyaq cars are used. 

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