The shading industry employs over 500.000 people, mainly in Europe-based SME’s, and has annual sales of over 30 billion euros. 
With global warming causing more and longer heatwaves and better-insulated buildings to prevent heat loss, overheating indoors becomes a tangible risk.  
The shift from energy for heating towards more energy for cooling as well as the energy transition needs architects to reconsider how to build and renovate. 

Dynamic (moveable) solar shading is a mature European embedded technology with proven evidence to prevent overheating and bring natural cooling to buildings. Solar shading is a sustainable so-called “passive measure” technology that perfectly fits In climate adapting and resilient buildings which have to be energy efficient and low carbon-emitting. Dynamic solar shading providing thermal comfort can be applied outside on large window surfaces. In an extended position, it protects the occupants in periods of too much solar heat or when alternatively retracted in cooler periods it allows the useful solar gains to enter for free heating and natural daylight. Dynamic solar shading is part of the building envelope and is going hand in hand with natural ventilation through the opening of windows  (night cooling) as well as the thermal mass, all influencing the ability of buildings to cool down naturally. The second main benefit of solar shading is visual comfort, where it regulates the excessive solar radiation entrance through windows to prevent glare while maintaining the healthy benefits of natural daylight without influencing its colour spectrum. Dynamic solar shading solutions, as they are made- to measure,  can easily align with the modern architectural concept.    

Have a look at our website where you find more in-depth information, and more in particular useful for architects: 
•    Reports on overheating in buildings 
•    Guidehouse Study with an executive summary with key figures on energy savings, and CO2 mitigation with automated solar shading in Europe. 
•    ES-SO Academy provides training on the science of solar shading
•    ES-SDA, European Solar Shading Database is a unique platform where architects can find reliable product shading performance data to implement in their projects. 

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