Very good rendering. Impressive mood, nice lighting, and good composition. I'm just going to try and give some tips, that could potentially improve this already good rendering.


I really like the composition, but I would like to see a bit more of the right side, and try to include the curved entrance into the image. Also, the overhand on the left side is exactly on the vertical edge of the mosque, and I would try to avoid that (by moving a bit to the right).


I would try to balance the artificial lights and the sky lights a bit better, by creating a bit bigger contrast between them. People usually tend to lit everything, but shadows in an image create depth, and can help you guide the viewer's eyes exactly where you want. So, I would reduce the brightness of the sky, and lower the intensity of the lights along the overhangs. That way, the brightest lights in the image will be the lights inside the mosque and in the pool.


I usually don't like a lot of people in the renderings. It's very subjective, but for this image, I would remove people and add one person (just to show the scale) walking inside the mosque. With a bit more dramatic lighting, the person, and more pronounced caustics (since the surrounding would be darker), I think we would improve the quality of the overall mood in the image.


I'm not sure, but I think the bump/normal map (or maybe geometry smoothing) on the floor is very round, which gives me the filling that the wooden floor is not flat (especially on the left corner). I don't know if that is the intended design, but I guess all floors should be flat because of the safety reasons :).

Like I said, this is a very good rendering, and I hope my tips can help you further :)