It's a nice rendering, I like the style, and I also like the design of the building. However, I think I can give you a couple of tips to improve it even further.


Composition is good, but I would turn the camera a bit higher so that the building doesn't sit on the edge of the frame. Also, the empty black areas make the image uninteresting. Imagine the maquette model is sitting on the wooden table, so I would probably see that table in those black areas. Also, I would make the semitransparent volumes completely opaque. They are not hiding anything important in the composition, so there is no need for them to be transparent.


Again, let's imagine this is sitting on the wooden table, somewhere in an enclosed room, and there is an artificial light. Creating lighting like that would improve the mood of the image. Maybe we see the edge of the table lamp in the right upper corner of the image, which would give us also the sense of scale. Furthermore, the whole image is a bit flat. Try improving the contrast in the image, have darker shadows, but also a lot of brighter lights, especially in the interior of the building. Maybe also some light that would represent street lighting.


The cars in the image are a bit too small for the road, And I'm not sure about the dimensions of lines on the road. They seem off scale, too. I understand this should represent a maquette model, but I think it's always good to represent the scale from real world.


I think texture representing the grass, is a bit too rough. I would go here with some plastic materials, that have some glossy parts, which would reflect the light coming from the house.

Furthermore, I will include some reference in which style I would like to see your project.

Hope the tips will help you :)